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Approximate Measurments


Diameter: 14cm

Height: 7cm

Glaze: Iron Blue/Rust


These bowls were thrown using a high iron stoneware and reduction fired in a gas kiln to around 1260c.


This distinctive sage glaze achieves its green and blue hues through the presence of iron oxide, while the orange tones emerge from iron extracted from the clay body during firing in a reduced atmosphere. The variability in glaze thickness during application influences the final outcome and because every piece is individually hand-painted using a Hake brush, each has a unique character and personality.

Small Bowl (14cm)

SKU: bb16
  • While all of my ceramics are designed to be dishwasher safe, I highly recommend hand washing to maintain its longevity. Please refrain from using it in microwaves  as the intense heat can cause damage. Taking these simple precautions will help you enjoy your pottery for years to come.

  • Each and every piece of my work is handcrafted, making each one unique and distinctive. As a result of the handmade process, you may notice slight variations and minor imperfections that add character to the pieces.

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