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Steve Brown designs and produces hand thrown, stylish and rustic ceramic homeware from his pottery studio in Herefordshire.


Born in North Wales, Steve has always been interested in drawing, painting and sculpting. He first studied illustration before completing a degree in Time Based Media at Birmingham University and then moved to London, working in film as an animator. His passion for creating has never dwindled and he turned to ceramics 3 years ago.


‘I have an obsession about making things - working in clay fulfils my need to craft and generate form in an organic medium where I can also experiment with shape, design and colour.’

Steve is producing simple but beautiful bowls, mugs, bud vases, noodle bowls and cider cups - a traditional drinking vessel for the local Herefordshire tipple. He works in a variety of clay, ranging from red terracotta to black stoneware clay. Colour and glaze feature heavily in his compositions but subtlety and simplicity are paramount.


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